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GM03 – a Swiss model for metadata

The metadata model GM03 is a Swiss standard SNV 612050. GM03 is a profile of the international metadata standard ISO 19115. Several upgrades were carried out to meet the various specifications by our Swiss partners.

GM03 consists of the following two models:
- GM03 Core = basic model
- GM03 Comprehensive = advanced model

Important: The GM03 V23 metadata model corresponding to the standard has evolved during the past years.
For a detailed description of the differences, please contact us.
The following files about GM03 can be downloaded:


  • GM03_2_1

    The newest version of GM03 with new geo-categories according to the norm "eCH-0166 Geocategories".

    This version is used within

    Published: 14.05.2013 | Size: 550 Kb | Type: ZIP

GM03_2 adaptation to INTERLIS 2.3, service description

  • GM03_2

    The newest version of GM03 with extensions for Geoservice descriptions (according to ISO 19119), for Basic Geodata of Federal Law and respecting INSPIRE Implementing rules on metadata.

    Published: 11.12.2008 | Size: 800 Kb | Type: ZIP

SNV standard GM03

GM03 as implemented in the old

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